Jumper Show Divions

Our shows offer beginner to advanced Hunter, Jumper & Flat Divisions

Arena One:

(Main Arena)

9:30am 2'9 Jumper

10:00am 2'3-2'6 Jumper

11:00pm 2' Hunter

12:30pm X-Rails Hunter

Arena Two:

(Academy Arena)

9:30am walk/trot 18+

10:00am walk/trot/canter 18+

10:30am walk/trot 11-17

11:30am walk/trot/canter 11-17

12:30pm walk/trot Novice 10 and under

1:30pm walk/trot Beginner 10 and under


Dressage Show Divisions

Our shows will use Cadora tests

Arena One:

(Main Arena) starts at 9:30am


Training Level

First Level

Second Level

Third Level

Fourth Level

Freestyles for all levels


Arena Two:

(Academy Arena for academy students) starts at 9:30am

Walk Trot

Training Level

First Level