Daisy Meadows Equestrian Code of Conduct


Athlete statement

I believe that the true essence of sport is to strive for personal achievement and excellence through full and honest effort. 

I am committed to participating in sport with integrity, and to striving to win only by legitimate means. I pledge to learn, understand, and adhere to both the written rules of my sport and the accepted rules of fair play. 

I believe that violence and physical intimidation are harmful to sport, and I refuse to use such tactics in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage. I understand that officials, teammates, and opponents are all integral to sport and worthy of my respect. It is my responsibility to maintain self-control. I will accept decisions made by officials, coaches or DME staff without arguments. 

I will not ride aggressively or with hostility, and will behave graciously in triumph or defeat.

I believe that the equestrian sport is based on a partnership between the horse and human athlete. 

Code of Conduct

  • The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to promote a safe and positive environment within DME programs, activities and events, by making all parties aware that there is an expectation at all times of appropriate behaviour, consistent with DME values.

Respect for others

  1. I agree to act with respect toward all those I come into contact with through sport.
  2. I refrain from comments or behaviours which are abusive, offensive, racist, sexist or otherwise belittling or demeaning to others.
  3. I consistently demonstrate the spirit of sportsmanship, sport leadership and ethical conduct. 
  4. I do not harass or tolerate harassment by others.
  5. I respect others as persons and treat them with dignity.
  6. When appropriate, I act to correct or prevent practices that are unjustly discriminatory, hateful, or mean spirited.  
  7. I respect the privacy of others.
  8. I do not endanger the safety of others or horses through my actions.

Respect for self

  1. I act with fairness and integrity in the pursuit of excellent sport. 
  2. I practise drug-free sport and I avoid the abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs.

Respect for Horse

  1. I put my horse's needs first and I believe in upholding the welfare of the horse.
  2. I treat my horse with the kindness, respect and compassion that they deserve and I never mistreat my equine partner. 
  3. I provide for the wellbeing of my horse before and after riding and especially when transporting them off property. 

Respect for sport

  1. I strive for personal excellence in sport.
  2. I honour and respect the spirit and traditions of sport.
  3. I do not impede the preparation for competition of other competitors or teammates. I respect the decisions of judges and officials.
  4. I promote drug-free sport.

Respect for DME

  1. I accept DME’s rules, policies and procedures governing events and competitions in which I participate.
  2. I comply with the reasonable requests of coaches, instructors and staff of DME. 
  3. I accept that I am an ambassador for the equestrian sport and DME in all my interactions, including on social media (see DME Social Media Policy)
  4. I refrain from any action which might bring the equestrian sport or DME into disrepute.