Social Media Policy

​​Social media is changing the way we communicate and interact.

This policy has been developed to inform our DME riders and their parents about using social media so that everyone feels empowered and enabled to participate while also being mindful of their responsibilities and obligation to our organization, our horses, and horses owned by others. In particular, this policy provides practical guidance allowing everyone to benefit from the use of social media while minimizing potential risks, including cyber-bullying and protecting those involved.

This policy applies to:

  • Coaches and Instructors
  • All staff of DME (junior instructors, barn staff, grooms, etc.)
  • Academy students
  • Performance team riders
  • Owners of horses

At DME, we love seeing your social media posts! We encourage all riders to post photos, videos and comments about our horses and to use their hashtags. We love interacting with you and sharing your photos.

We maintain our own Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts, and we love when you share your media with us and interact online. We think that our riders and parents take the best photos and share the best content! We encourage our young aspiring photographers to continue to photograph both riders and horses (with consent, of course), and we support all of our riders on social media.

At DME, we value our riders as our “barn family.” We support positive interactions, fun videos and photos, and a sense of humour. Positive representation of our team, teammates and horses is encouraged across all platforms of social media, and we always encourage you to tag us!

In this spirit, the following are our Social Media Guidelines.

Using Social Media in an Official Capacity

DME maintains a Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok account managed by our social media representatives. We ask that you do not engage in social media as a representative of DME. Please do not use our logo on your social media accounts, as this blurs the line between your personal account and our official accounts.

We ask that you remember that when you are representing yourself as a DME team member, you remember that you represent both yourself and DME and ask that you do so appropriately at all times.


Use common sense

Whenever you are unsure as to whether the content you wish to share is appropriate, seek advice from your coach/instructor or an adult before sharing. Remember, you are an ambassador for DME when you are posting.

Protect your privacy

Be smart about protecting your privacy and that of others. Remember, screenshots are forever. You should not post content online that you would not be happy for everyone to see, even if your privacy settings are high.


Please post honestly. The internet is not anonymous. You should assume that all information posted online can be tracked back to you. You are accountable for your actions both on and offline. If you are unsure, check the source, or speak to your coach/instructor. We recommend erring on the side of caution – if in doubt, do not post or upload.

Reasonable use

If you are an employee of DME, you must ensure that your personal use of social media does not interfere with your work commitments. This includes junior instructors, barn staff and instructors.

We ask that you keep comments about horses you do not own positively and ensure that horses owned either by DME or privately are always presented in the best possible light.

Respect & Sensitivity

When using social media, you should be considerate of others and should not post information when you have been asked not to. You should also remove information about another person if that person asks you to do so. This is particularly important in the equine world and pertains to horses not owned by yourself as well. If an owner asks that a photo or video of their horse be removed, you should do so.

You should not post videos or photos of horse “fails” or falls, or horses being injured, or your own injuries. While these types of posts often get a lot of attention, it is for all the wrong reasons. We want our riders and horses shown in the best light possible.

Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying

The general public and DME’s employees and riders reflect a diverse set of customs, values and points of view.

You must not post any material that is offensive, harassing, discriminatory, embarrassing, intimidating, sexually explicit, bullying, hateful, racist, sexist or otherwise inappropriate.


If you feel that a post violates any of our social media guidelines, we encourage you to report this to your instructor/coach or to our official social media pages, which are managed by DME staff.


DME has a three-strike policy with respect to violations of this policy. 

On the first violation, a formal written notice will be provided. If the parties are under the age of 18, the parents/legal guardians of both parties will be contacted and advised of the violation. The parties will be encouraged to reconcile their differences at this stage with the assistance of parents and coaching staff. 

 On the second violation, the party will be banned from attending lessons for one full week. No refund or make-up lessons will be offered. A meeting with the goal of reconciliation will be arranged between the parties and the DME coaching staff. 

 The party will be asked to leave the DME program on the third violation. They will be unable to attend our facility for future lessons, visits or shows. They may re-apply to the program after 12 months have passed in writing, outlining steps taken to address their prior violations of the policy and attempts made at reconciliation.