Daisy Meadows Equestrian Horse Show Rules 2021

  1.    DME reserves the right to postpone, cancel the show, refuse entries or alter the conditions, as they deem necessary. If the show must be cancelled due to weather it will be posted on our DME Facebook group and website by no later than 6:00am on show day.


  1.   All riders must enter appropriate divisions for their riding ability. Please see division rules


  1.   Entries for the show must be completed online, found on our website on the “Horse Shows page” and pre paid.


  1.   There will be no charge for scratching or changes made to classes/divisions. However, this will all be done by email transfer.


  1.   Cost for Flat, Hunter, and  Jumper classes: $20


  1.   There is a one-time non-refundable number fee of $10 each year per horse and rider combination. Riders are asked to hold onto the same number for the duration of the show season (if they misplace their number a replacement number fee is $10).


  1.   Year-end points will be awarded to the horse and rider pair (substitute horses allowed).


  1.   The show grounds shall be open for schooling at 9:00 am for warm up with the show beginning promptly at 9:30 am.  


  1. No stabling available


  1. No dogs in the arenas or warm up rings.


  1. ASTM approved helmets and proper footwear must be worn while mounted


  1. All entries must be paid by E Transfer by the Wednesday before the show to events@daisymeadowsequestrian.com


  1. All owners and competitors are personally responsible for any damages to third parties caused by themselves, their employees, their agents or their horses. It is therefore mandatory to take out third party insurance (OE) providing full coverage for participation in equestrian events and to keep their policy up to date. OE number MUST be presented prior to showing as part of the entry form. This will be strictly enforced.


  1. Entries must be received by the Wednesday before the show with payment by 11PM


  1. On Friday before the show an email will be sent out with the entry listings and timing, as well as other important reminders for the show including the COVID-19 Protocol and electronic COVID-19 waiver form (see below).




  1. All owners and competitors shall be held responsible for any damages incurred by them, their agents, their employees or their horses to stalls, buildings and other properties on the show grounds and shall be billed accordingly


  1. Safe riding attire must be worn including a helmet and boot with a heal


  1. End of the Year Points will be rewarded as follows, point value of placing X (times) the number of entries. (1st= 7, 2nd = 5, 3rd =4, 4th= 3, 5th= 2, 6th =1). [For example if rider places 2nd in a class of 11 entries: 5 X 11 = 55.] In the event of a tie the champion or reserve will be awarded to the rider/ horse with the most points over fences


  1. End of the Year Ribbons will be awarded to 10th place


  1. Riders must show at 3 of the 4 shows to qualify for End of the year awards


  1. All questions should be directed to the show management and their decisions will be final.


Division Rules


Flat classes


Tack: All styles of tack welcome (western and english). 


Equitation class judged primarily on rider performance and effectiveness of the aids. 


Under saddle class judges primarily on the horses' way of going and movement. 


Command class is based  on the ability of the horse and rider to respond to the judges commands. Those who perform the commands the slowest are eliminated until only one horse/rider combination remains. 


Hunter classes


Tack: Traditional Hunter tack

-White fitted saddle pad

-Plain nose bands (no figure 8s, flash’s, drop down nosebands)

-Simple Snaffle, Kimberwick or Pelham bits

-Synthetic or leather saddles

-Standing martingales, no running martingales

-no boots, polos etc


Both over fences and undersaddle judged on horse's way of going. A steady rhythm and balance is the primary goal.


Jumper classes

Tack: no specific tack requirements 


Table A: all riders and horse combinations compete in the first round of the class. If the horse has no jumping or time faults in the first round they return for the jump-off. 


If the rider is clear they stay in the ring after finishing the first course. After finishing the first course the combination waits for the buzzer and heads to the first jump. The jump-off is a shorter version of first round, and the rider with the fastest time and least amount of faults wins the class.


Speed: With only one round, there is no jump off, faults have the same effect in this round, so people with rails place below people with no faults, even if their time is better.


Gamblers choice: A fun class based on point accumulation and your own course design. You have 60 seconds to jump as many jumps (each jump only twice in each direction) as you can.








MJM Equestrian Centre

COVID-19 Protocols

Created: November 7 2020



MJM Equestrian Centre is dedicated to ensuring the safety and welfare of all our competitors as we move forward with “the new normal”. We have created these guidelines in coordination with Equine Canada’s protocols to help limit the risk of spreading COVID-19.  While there is no way to eliminate all risks related to COVID-19, the following guidelines are aimed to decrease the risk of spread. 

Note: Individuals take personal responsibility when attending competitions. MJM Equestrian Centre asks that in doing so everyone respects the guidelines to avoid causing further spread of COVID-19 which could impact the wider equestrian industry. 


Equestrian Competition Fact Sheet 

In the context of the World Health Organization (WHO) guidance, equestrian sport is deemed a low risk for COVID-19 spread due to the following factors: 


Equestrian sport is a non-contact sport

  •  It involves a horse and rider as a combination
  • Combinations compete individually in the competition arena/ring
  • There is no sharing of equipment between competitors or sharing of transportation.
  • When mounted physical distancing of 5 meters, or more, is required to keep horses and competitors safe and avoid accidents from striking or kicking 


Risk communication is a priority and undertaken before, during and after competitions 

  • We have risk assessed our sport, to identify physical distancing issues, and put in place a mitigation plan to reduce the risks of contact, and an appropriate program for cleaning and disinfecting 


Key Points of Protocol

1) Masks will be mandatory for everyone on site unless mounted. 

2) No off property or riding school riders will be permitted in the stabling area in the main barn. The main barn bathroom therefore will not be available for use to non-boarders. A port-a-potty will be available for use in the riding school arena as well as a hand sanitizing station.  

3) All entries will be prepaid and there will be no show office.

4) Labelled numbers will be available for pick up for Academy Students in the Academy Barn, for MJM Boarders the warm room by main arena. 


Responsibilities of Competition Organizers


  • Post signage at entrances and throughout the competition venue displaying all best practices and guidelines in effect including applicable federal/provincial/territorial/regional or local government and health authority’s safety advisories 
  •  Signage should clearly state that anyone who has a fever, exhibits COVID-19 symptoms, has tested positive for COVID-19, or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 cannot enter the competition venue 



  • We will only be accepting entries and payment for entries online 
  •  All competitors must complete an Acknowledgement of Risk Waiver (specific to COVID-19) and require that it be submitted with all entries
  • There is no scratch fee for any late cancellations to anyone that may have had COVID-19 exposure or symptoms.



  • Anyone who exhibits COVID-19 symptoms should not enter the competition venue 
  • Limit access to the venue to only the following
    • Competition Organizer and the staff /volunteers needed to run the competition
    • Competitors and ONE guardian/groom ONLY per competitor (NO SPECTATORS)
    • Coaches
    • Medical Personnel
    • Officials (COVID-19 Compliance Officer, Judges, Stewards, Ring Crew, Announcer, Score keeper etc.)
    • Shippers can remain in restricted trailer areas only



  • Post online and/or circulate via email (to all staff, volunteers, officials, and competitors) the COVID-19 guidelines and plans in place at the competition 
  • Post online  on google documents, groups, course maps and results 
  • Use radio, phone, and online communication methods as much as possible and communicate important information frequently throughout the competition venue 
  • Conduct meetings via phone or webinar prior to competition for staff, volunteers, and officials to review the COVID-19 plans and address questions 
  • Highlight the COVID-19 guidelines in place at the venue and post on social media and circulate to all staff, volunteers, officials, and competitors 
  • Broadcast the Government Health warnings as related to COVID-19 over the venue’s PA system throughout the competition 


  • Provide hand sanitizing/washing stations throughout the venue including at each competition and warm up arena/ring/stabling/washroom facilities etc. 
  • Place garbage bins throughout the venue for hygienic disposal of items. Remove garbage from the venue frequently 
  • Assign a washroom attendant to ensure frequent cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms 
  • All equipment should be sanitized and disinfected, before and after each use, this includes radios, clocks, stop watches, whistles, computers, laptops etc. 



  • Identify a COVID-19 Compliance Officer responsible for ensuring that guidelines put in place throughout the competition are being followed 
  • Have enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including face masks, hand sanitizer and gloves for all staff, volunteers, and officials 
  • Identify an isolation area to hold any symptomatic person found at the venue while awaiting patient transport to a medical facility 
  • Identify and organize medical personnel to help assess cases and potential other illness 

Physical Distancing 

  • Ensure that the competition timetable/class schedule allows for physical distancing requirements. i.e. limit classes, access to warm-up and washing areas, scheduled course walking 
  • No in person show office will be available


Arrivals (Parking, Check-In etc.) 

  • Entrance and exit routes clearly marked (by the riding school arena), second entrance south of nebo
  • Entrance attendant(s) in place for the entire competition 
  •  Check in via drive thru
    • Cross reference names of individuals arriving at the venue with the information 

provided on the competitor entries. This will assist to prevent the public accessing the venue as a spectator

  • At arrival if they feel ill in any way, specifically listing certain symptoms, and send home those individuals that reporting feeling ill or experiencing symptoms
  • Parking in accordance with physical distancing regulations 


Competition Office Guidelines 

  • No in person show office will be available
  • Numbers will be left labelled on picnic tables next to riding school arena for pick up
  • Provide hand sanitizer at the door or assign an individual to provide sanitizer upon entry to building 
  • Consider touch points that will require constant cleaning


Washroom Guidelines 

  • Assign dedicated cleaning staff to disinfect washrooms on a set schedule throughout the day (frequency of cleaning schedule to be determined by Competition Organizer based on the frequency of use) 
  • Provide markers to delineate 2 meters spacing between people in the washroom que (e.g markers on floor/ground for people in line) 
  • Hygiene and sanitation stations and garbage bins set up outside the washrooms 


Competition Arena/Ring and Warm-up Ring Guidelines 

  • Utilize posted starting lists / orders of go ( will be available on Google Docs)
  • Arrange judge’s areas to comply with physical distancing requirements 
  • Restrict the number of horses in the warm-up ring to 6, establish timetable to ensure that there is a minimum of 5 meters between horses at all times
  • Restrict the number of people accompanying a horse to the competition arena/ring (e.g. competitor, coach and ONE groom/guardian) and comply with physical distancing requirements
  • In classes where competitors compete collectively (equitation and hack classes), determine and communicate the maximum number of horses permitted in each competition area at one time (these numbers will be based on the size of the competition area and the physical distancing requirements) 
  • Warm up rings should be closely monitored for social distancing 
  • Competitors, when mounted, should keep at least 5 meters apart when on the competition venue 
  • Competitors should go straight back to their trailer after their ride 
  • Sanitizing stations at each competition ring and schooling/warm-up area 

Prize Giving 

  • Prize table will be available (no formal presentations)
  • Show results and end of the year points and will be posted online 


 Staff, Medical Personnel & Service Providers 


COVID-19 Compliance Officer 

This section is intended to outline the role and duties of a COVID-19 Compliance Officer in line with the government’s recommendations. This individual does not need to be a health care provider,but should be someone well trained in the risks, protocols, and symptoms. 

  • The COVID-19 Compliance Officer monitors activities to ensure physical distancing and hygiene rules are being maintained to protect health and reduce the spread of COVID-19. In instances where there is non-conformance with physical distancing the COVID-19 Compliance Officer is to intervene 
  • The COVID-19 Compliance Officer should be clearly identified 
  • Other duties include:
    • Maintain a log of regular monitoring of COVID-19 controls on site
    •  Ensure there is sufficient up to date signage erected onsite
    • Ensure that regular cleaning of washroom facilities, handrails, door handles, etc. is undertaken and that hand wash liquid/soap and hand sanitizers are replenished as required
    • Report any areas of non-compliance (violations of physical distancing, sanitation, personal hygiene, and symptom acknowledgment etc.) to Competition Organizer
    • Inform Competition Organizer if there is a confirmed case or if they have been made aware of an individual with COVID-19 symptoms
    •  Ensure that an individual with symptoms is placed in an isolation area away from other personnel until able to be removed from premises
    • Assist health authorities in contact tracing should there be a confirmed case of COVID-19 


Competition Organizers, Staff, Volunteers 

  • Always maintain physical distancing 
  • Communicate via radio only 
  • Stagger work hours and break times and discourage loitering  


Food Booth

  • At this time we will NOT be offering a food booth 


Responsibilities of Competitors, Coaches & Support Personnel

  • Reminder that individuals are participating at their own risk, they are liable and must take personal responsibility for the safety of others and themselves. Comply with all best practices and guidelines in effect at the competition 
  • Regularly sanitize equipment including tack, grooming, feeding, stall cleaning materials, etc. Clean leather before and after every use 
  • No sharing of supplies, horse clothing, towels, equipment, or tack (including lead shanks etc.) 
  • Adhere to physical distancing guidelines 
  • Frequent handwashing 
  • Cough and sneeze etiquette to be adhered to. Individuals who begin to cough/sneeze for any reason, should move away from others until coughing/sneezing dissipates 
  • Leave the competition venue litter free. All garbage to be taken home or disposed of in garbage bins
  • All competitors should be advised to leave the venue as soon as possible after their classes have concluded 
  • All competitors MUST WEAR MASKS while on site UNLESS MOUNTED. MASKS may be worn when mounted BUT ARE NOT REQUIRED. Competitors will not be penalized if wearing MASKS while in the ring


Penalties for Non-Compliance

  • Competition Organizer has the authority to remove from the facility any person who does not comply with the regulations and requirements in effect at the competition.
  • The COVID-19 Compliance Officer must report any areas of non-compliance to the Competition Organizer. The Competition Organizer has the authority to remove the individual from the facility.


Jumping (Hunter & Jumper) Guidelines  

  • Only one support person should accompany the horse to the ringside 
  • There will be no jog’s for hunters 

Warm Up

  • Anyone on the venue is required to wear MASKS as per provincial/territorial guidelines 
  • Competition arena/ring staff should sanitize often 
  • Warm up jumps are to be 5 meters apart and no more than one person at each
  • Paper towels, disinfectant, detergent, and water available to clean poles and cups by competition arena staff 


Jumping Rounds 

  • Post order of go ahead of time and on white boards to help with monitoring of traffic around rings 
  • Timing equipment should be managed and sanitized by one person 
  • Judge should be the only one allowed to use the timing equipment once sanitized 
  • Only the announcer should use the microphone system, which should be disinfected before, during and after the competition 


Participant Checklist

Use this checklist to help your participants to prepare for competition. 

Before you Leave Home

  • Eat before you come, or pack your own food/snacks – no food will be available on premises.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Thoroughly wash water bottles with soap and warm water.
  •  Bring filled water bottle(s)/drinks.
  • Bring thoroughly washed clothing and sanitize equipment. (tack, buckets, brushes etc...)
  • Use the washroom at home/follow personal health safety requirements if using onsite washrooms.
  • Consider bringing your own mask and personal hand sanitizer.
  • Review and understand the covid-19 mitigation plan circulated by the venue/organizing committee. 


  •  Come in using the second entrance south of Dickenson on Nebo Rd signed MJM Riding School if you are a riding school rider or off property participant (MJM boarders can enter through first entrance south of Dickenson on Nebo Rd).
  •  Respect physical distancing guidelines.
  •  Register your attendance with screeners at entrance.
  •  Provide confirmation of Daily Health Monitoring.
  • Wash hands at provided handwashing stations.
  •  DO NOT share water bottles/drinks.
  • Follow traffic flow signs at your location.
  •  If accessing water or materials onsite, sanitize hands and wear PPE before touching and then sanitize following contact, this includes barn doors, gates, handles etc...)
  • Adhere to posted covid19 mitigation requirements of the venue and abide by the information circulated by the venue/organizing committee. 

After activity is Complete 

  • No Loitering.
  • Wash at provided handwashing stations.
  • Respect physical distancing guidelines.
  • Ensure all garbage is discarded in provided receptacles or remove garbage with you and discard at home.
  • Thoroughly wash clothing and sanitize equipment. (tack, buckets, brushes etc...)
  • Adhere to posted covid-19 mitigation requirements of the venue and abide by the information circulated by the venue/organizing committee.


Federal/Provincial and Territorial Recommendations



  • Ontario