Prices below reflect services offered at MJM Equestrian Centre only. Ship in students are welcome at a cost of $25 paid to MJM Equestrian Centre below, contact Daisy Kosa at (905) 745-4773 or to book in.



Individual Price Monthly Price
Private (1 rider) $40 + HST $160 + HST
Semi- Private (2 riders) $35 + HST $140 + HST
Group (3-6 riders) $30 + HST $120 + HST


Individual Price Monthly Price
Training Rides $30 + HST $360* + HST
Training + Lesson** Not Available $400** + HST


*Includes three training rides per week

** Includes two training rides and one private lesson per week


Please note that the prices for training do not include board or day stabling, for these additional services, contact MJM Equine

Rental fee of MJM riding school horse for use in a horse show or clinic (e.g., on property shows, off property shows at Hamilton hunt club, lesson with a coach that is not an instructor of MJM riding school such as Don Brandle, Daisy Kosa, Hyde Moffat) – $25

Day fee for coaching by Daisy at on property shows – $30

Day fee for coaching by Daisy at off property shows – $50

Equestrian Canada National Rider Development Program Lessons

The Equestrian Canada National Rider Development Program seeks to offer qualified and certified instructors and coaches to develop all around equestrian athletes.

Gillian Ross Erasmi of Smart Horse Equine Services is Certified as a Competition Coach in both English and Western Riding, she has been involved in the English Rider program since its inception. Gillian has successfully helped many students reach their goals in the National Rider Level and Instructor Certification programs over the last 20+ years.

Our sport is unique, as we partner with a rather large animal. It is important that we not only develop the physical skills to ride horses but that we develop an understanding of how they think and communicate along with the knowledge and skills to care for their welfare.

These sessions, will add to what you learn in your riding lessons. They will deepen and expand your riding and horse care knowledge. Each session will be slightly different, some will be more classroom style and others will be more hands on.

There are six sessions, an hour each in length.

These sessions will cover what you will need to know to become a well-rounded horseperson and prepare for EC Rider Level testing.

To be successful in the Rider Testing individuals are responsible to follow up with their riding coaches, practice and review all the material covered in the education sessions.

English Rider 1 and 2, are grouped together as are rider 3 and 4, rider 5 and 6, Rider 7 and 8 respectively.  Western Rider level sessions will be run as separate sessions for each level based on demand.

Sessions designed to run with small groups of 4-8 participants and are all un-mounted sessions.

For some we will be working with horses in the barn so participants should always come prepared with appropriate footwear and gloves. Helmets are always a good idea when working around horses but not required when unmounted.

It is so important for individuals to follow up by reading, researching and working with their coach(s) and other professionals to enhance and deepen their knowledge and experience.

As with many things in life we can only get better by practicing and applying our skills and knowledge on a regular basis.

$10 per hour session (total $60 for 6 weeks of 1 hr sessions)

If you wish to sign up for more than one level group you may do so.