Another day of really excellent riding at the Hamilton Hunt Jumper show for the DME and MJM riders! In the 2’0 division Melissa De Smit and Sasha had three 6th placings and a clear round, Megan Bethlehem and Carm had a clear round, a 1st and a 4th, Kayla Bergman and Werona had a clear round, 4th and a 3rd, Kira Lord and Bella had a clear round and a 4th. In the 2’3-2’6 division Madeline Pottruff and Sullivan had a clear round, 2nd and a 5th, Sara Valvasori and Saphira had a clear round, 3rd, 3rd, and a 2nd bringing home Reserve Champion. In the 2’9 division Alicia Dickhout and Maia had a clear round and a 6th, Taylor Smith and Carm had a 6th, and Megan Smith and JoJo had a couple excellent rounds!

 Thanks for much to Daisy Kosa, Chelsey Overell and Glencora Mulgruefor coaching, parents and friends, and of course the lovely people at Hamilton Hunt for putting on such a great series! Looking forward to the final show in October!!