Matthew Zinger and Raphael

Congratulations to all our DME riders showing this past weekend! Stephanie Amannshowed walk/trot adult amateur on Divine Miss M earning 3 first and 1 second placings with scores to 66% and was champion of her division. Jackie Morrison showed training level adult amateur on Don Carletto, owned by Katharine Renison, earning 4th 5th and 6th placings with scores to 66. Desiree Smith showed training level Junior on Majestic Jet earning two 1st and two 3rd placings with scores to 67%, and was Reserve Champion of her division as well as High Point thoroughbred. Matthew Zinger showed first level adult amateur


Stephanie Amann and The Divine Miss M

Glencora Mulgrue and Fabina

on Raphael owned by Chris Horoyski earning two 1st, and one 3rd placing with scores to 68%. Glencora Mulgrue showed third level open on Fabina owned by Ann Marie Metford earning 3rd and 4th placings with scores to 61%. Thank you to Ron Ballegeer and Tracy Smith for taking pictures. Thank you to Alicia Dickhout, Sara Valvasori for your grooming all weekend you did a fabulous job. Thank you to Patrick Kosa and Dan Allison for driving the rig when I couldn’t. It was a fun weekend and I’m very proud of you all. Thanks to Andrew Woodley and all the Caledon dressage team for your amazing work. See you in July!