Another excellent weekend of showing for DME at Caledon! Glencora Mulgrue and Fabina owned by Ann Marie Metford had a 3rd and 2nd with scores to 60% in third level. Desiree Smith And Maia cleaned up the junior training level reserve champion with two 1st and two 2nd and scores to 69%. Matthew Zinger and Raffi owned by Chris Horoyski placed 1st and 4th with scores to 68% in first level. Zinger and Rainier owned by Jackie Dravetz had an excellent first show winning 3 second level adult amateur classes. Stephanie Amann and Marshmallow had a great show with scores to 68% and reserve champion of walk/trot adult amateur. DaisyKosa and Explosief were champion in second level with scores to 75% and four 1sts. Daisy and Charlie owned by Katharine Renison were also champions in training level open with scores to 70% with three 1st and one 2nf. Massive thank you to Jackie and Warner Dravetz, Alicia Dickhout, Delphine Godden and Sara Valvasori for grooming, Ron and Tracy, Andrew Woodley and the whole Caledon team for running such a wonderful show! Can’t wait for August!