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Daisy Meadows Equestrian 

Offering self growth and reflection through safe and enriching interaction with horses

Daisy Meadows Equestrian is proud to introduce our Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program! Participation in EAL events offers the unique opportunity to learn about yourself, grow as a person and reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses in a fun and stimulating way. 

EAL events are fun and unique situations designed by our skilled facilitator that allow you to work with a team, the most exciting member of which is your equine partner! You will learn how to navigate real life situations and challenges by working through our obstacles, solving difficult problems using communication, teamwork and critical thinking skills. 

Horses are unique team members as they give immediate, non biased response to stimuli including verbal and non verbal emotions.  They are quick to forgive, but don't forget, and look for a leader, which helps to make them a great member of the team. 

When you have completed your EAL journey with us, you will find that you have learned something new about yourself, and can carry that lesson forward and apply it to your real life in work, family or individual situations. 

EAL is ideal for all people of all ages and abilities and no horse experience is necessary.