Breed: Belgian Draft

Height: 16.1 h

Bella's size may seem intimidating to some but she is the perfect example of a "gentle giant". She is never in a hurry and always looks after her riders. She loves to do flat work and to jump. She is a favourite at the riding school and is regularly used in shows by the riding students.


Monte Carlo (Monte)


Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15.1h

Monty has an exciting background. He is a retired jousting horse from the Medieval Times!  He tries very hard for all of his riders and is very forgiving.




Breed: Belgium X

Height: 15.3 h

Sunny has been a huge asset to our program and has proved he has a sunny disposition and loves the kids.  We are so happy he's thriving in our program. 




Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15 h

Mister is a sweetheart with a western background, he loves to show off and is a true gentlemen.  He loves teaching those new to riding, but also shows us he's got an english side to him when he jumps.




Breed: Oldenburg

Height: 16 h

Rosie is a try hard, friendly mare with experience as a first level dressage horse on the Gold Circuit. Rosie also really enjoys jumping with our students.




Breed: Welsh Paint X

Height: 14 h

Macaroni is as cute as his name! He has an easy going personality who loves to flat and jump. He loves to work and is always happy to be under saddle.




Breed: Mini Pony

Height: 13 h

Summer is the best mini pony out there.  She loves to partake in all camp activities and getting decorated is one of her favourite things.  Although she lives in our riding school her owner Ava Allison (daughter of Daisy Kosa) is her number one fan and they have many adventures together!




Breed: Paint

Height: 15.3 h

Cooper is the class clown of our riding school! He takes a joke well, and also like to play jokes with his riders. He doesn’t have mean bone in his body and always work hard to please. Cooper is learning the ropes of being a riding school horse and is already a fan favourite around our in-house show series.





Height: 15.3 h

Mars came to DME as a green off the track thoroughbred and was developed by our performance team riders under the tutelage of Daisy Kosa into one of our best jumpers. Mars is most happy when jumping, but is also a talented flat horse. She loves attending off property shows, and has shown on the Silver Series.




Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15.3 h

Sorrel is one of our newer horses and loves teaching everyone how to ride.  She has a lovely temperament and is an all around lovely girl to work with.




Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 14.2 h

Sailor has taken on the school life with his unique personality and always keeps his riders learning the ropes.  




Breed: TB

Height: 14.3 h

 Jorja is a sweet girl with lots of energy.  She has settled nicely into her role of teaching.





Breed: Canadian Warmblood

Height: 16.1 h

Scarlett is a newer addition to our team and she has proven that she loves teaching new ones to ride.  She loves showing off her dressage moves! 




Breed: Appaloosa

Height: 14.2 h

Jazzy may be a little mare but she has a big work ethic and an even bigger heart. Jazzy enjoys both flat work and jumping.  




Breed: Paint

Height: 16.2 h

Moose is a sweet & sensitive soul who loves affection. He is happiest when his riders are praising him or giving him face scratchies. He tries hard & always looks after his rider.




Breed: Paint

Height: 14.2 h

Pumpkin may not be bred for jumping but she has the heart of an Olympic horse and she loves to jump.  Pumpkin always tries her hardest for her rider. She loves to go to horse shows and is a regular at Hamilton Hunt and the DME shows.




Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15.3 h

Moe is a retired cow sorting horse who both worked and showed! He is an extremely talented gelding who has settled into his partial retirement with us. Moe loves to teach people the ropes on the flat and has a heart of gold.





Height: 16.3 h

Garth comes from some pretty famous DME stock. His mother was riding school horse extraordinaire Werona. He steps into some pretty big shoes and has been working hard to prove himself as a kind hearted, goofy soul who takes care of even the smallest of riders. He has an exciting history of showing in the dressage ring with owner Daisy Kosa!





Height: 15.3 h

Goldie was retired from racing after a successful career on the track. She is enjoying the quiet life at DME and quickly learning how to jump, already showing in our winter show series in both the hack and cross rail classes. This young lady has a very bright future ahead of her, watch out for her showing both on and off property!

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