Breed: Belgian Draft

Height: 16.1 h

Bella is one of our tallest horses, and while her size may be intimidating to some she is the perfect example of a “gentle giant”. She is never in a hurry and always looks after her riders, especially our smallest riders. Bella has shown extensively at both our in-house shows and the Hamilton Hunt Club and is very talented on the flat and can jump a 2’ course with ease!


Monte Carlo (Monte)


Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15.1h

Monte comes from a famous background, in his former career he was a jousting horse at Medieval Times! Monte brings an incredible talent on the flat. Monte has started many of our most senior performance riders and has always been a fan favourite. He loves to perform and loves an audience! As one of our more senior horses his focus is teaching our beginner and intermediate riders the ropes.




Breed: Belgium X

Height: 15.3 h

Sunny earned his name because of his flaxen mane and sunny disposition. He shares his breed with Bella and much like her likes to take his time. He has lovely movement on the flat, and is learning the ropes of jumping with our advanced riders. Sunny loves taking care of our younger and beginner riders and can often be found in our flat classes at our in-house shows.




Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15 h

Mister is a sweetheart with a western background. He has lovely flat work and loves to show off his lateral skills! Mister is a cross rail champion and a true gentleman in the show ring. He enjoys teaching our newer students the ropes and always looks after his rider.




Breed: Oldenburg

Height: 16 h

Rosie retired from showing dressage on the Gold Circuit and has found a new joy in life as a jumper. While she enjoys teaching new riders the ropes, her real passion is jumping. She loves to zip around a course and is incredibly talented. As a retired dressage horse, she is beautiful to flat and teaches our riders to have a soft, consistent hand.




Breed: Welsh Paint X

Height: 14 h

Macaroni is as cute (and cheesy) as his name! He is a dream to handle on the ground and loves being painted and bathed in our camp program. Macaroni retired from showing on the Trillium circuit to our Academy and he has extensive miles in the show ring. He is a talented jumper even in his retirement and can often be seen at both our in-house shows and at Hamilton Hunt.




Breed: Mini Pony

Height: 13 h

Summer is the best mini pony out there.  She loves to partake in all camp activities and getting decorated is one of her favourite things.  Although she lives in our riding school her owner Ava Allison (daughter of Daisy Kosa) is her number one fan and they have many adventures together!




Breed: Paint

Height: 15.3 h

Cooper is the class clown of our riding school! He takes a joke well, and also like to play jokes with his riders. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and always works hard to please. Cooper is learning the ropes of being a riding school horse and is already a fan favourite around our in-house show series.




Breed: OTTB

Height: 15.3 h

Mars came to DME as a green off the track thoroughbred and was developed by our performance team riders under the tutelage of Daisy Kosa into one of our best jumpers. Mars is most happy when jumping, but is also a talented flat horse. She loves attending off property shows, and has shown on the Silver Series.




Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15.3 h

Sorrell is a true Disney Princess in every sense of the word. She is a sweetheart to handle on the ground and loves teaching our newest and youngest riders. She is known for her kind disposition and loves to be groomed and fussed over. Sorrell is a registered paint who was born in Alberta and now calls the Academy home.




Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 14.2 h

Sailor was a western trained horse in his previous life and knows many western tricks if you’ve got the skills to ask him! He has taken to life as a school horse amazingly and his favourite job is jumping. Sailor is one of our large ponies but has the heart of a lion in the jumper ring. He also excels in the hunters because of his lovely movement.




Breed: TB

Height: 14.3 h

Jorja is the definition of small but mighty! She is mare who can take a joke, but also hands them out. She likes to test her riders and can usually be found in her stall making silly faces at everyone. Jorja teaches our younger riders how to be confident both on the ground and under saddle and has recently picked up jumping like a pro. She recently made her show ring debut at our in-house show series, and we expect big things from her as she continues to grow in her skills.





Breed: Canadian Warmblood

Height: 16.1 h

Scarlett is a very talented mare who retired from showing high-level dressage to our Academy. You would never know that Scarlett is our oldest horse because she has the get-up-and-go of a much younger horse! Scarlett loves to be groomed and bathed and look her very best. She also has found a love for jumping and will happily teach our newer riders how to navigate a course. She loves to show off her dressage moves and is loved by everyone!




Breed: Appaloosa

Height: 14.2 h

Jazzy is another of our large ponies. She was a rescue who was started under saddle by one of our former instructors. Jazzy has an amazing work ethic and never says no to a job. She has a heart of solid gold and always looks out for her riders. Jazzy loves teaching new riders how to canter and jump. Fun fact: Jazzy is a mom and her baby, although all grown up, still lives in the boarding facility!




Breed: Paint

Height: 16.2 h

Moose is a sweet and sensitive soul who loves affection. He is happiest when his riders are praising him and giving him scratches. He is a very talented jumper who always takes care of his riders. You can see Moose shined and polished at just about every show with his fan club of riders in tow!




Breed: Paint

Height: 14.2 h

Pumpkin is another one of our large ponies, and the largest thing about her is her heart - she may not be built for jumping but in her heart she is an Olympian. Pumpkin might convince some that she likes to go slow when she’s teaching our newest riders the ropes, but once she’s in the show ring it’s all game-face from her. She is a regular at Hamilton Hunt jumper shows and can’t be missed with her four beautiful stockings!




Breed: Quarter Horse

Height: 15.3 h

Moe is a retired cow sorting horse who both worked and showed! He is an extremely talented gelding who has settled into his partial retirement with us. Moe loves to teach people the ropes on the flat and has a heart of gold.




Breed: OTTB

Height: 15.3 h

Goldie was retired from racing after a successful career on the track. She is enjoying the quiet life at DME and quickly learning how to jump, already showing in our winter show series in both the hack and cross rail classes. This young lady has a very bright future ahead of her, watch out for her showing both on and off property!

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