Horse(s): Raphael, Jacoba

Discipline: Dressage

I have been given a rare opportunity to continue my journey in the dressage world with this wonderful gelding.  I have been in the tack more than 30 years of my life.  I can truly say that horses and my barn family at DME have made my life very full.  The 2019 season will mark my first season moving beyond 3rd level.  My wonderful mare Jacoba (19 yrs young) has been retired from show life and is enjoying herself still in full work but no more showing pressures.  I am truly lucky to have Raf as my partner going forward.  We are both stubborn and enjoy a challenge.  We are working hard with Daisy and now Cindy to make our debut in the 4th level season with the hope of a green PSG by end of season.  There is a lot of hard work ahead.  I love that in Dressage you are always still learning.  You never stop!   The best compliment you can give a rider is “you made that look easy, it looks like you aren’t doing anything and yet they are performing”.  You should be able to have a very quiet conversation with your aids to put forward a lovely dance.  So happy to have my DME family, and MJM family as a part of me and both of my horses lives!