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October Hamilton Hunt Schooling Show

A little late, but huge congratulations to all of the MJM/DME riders for the last jumper show of the season last weekend! In the Introt to Jumpers division, Stephanie Amann had a 2nd, 2nd, and 3rd, coming in Reserve Champion. In the 2’0 division, Kayla Bergman and Werona had a clear round, 4th, 5th, and 6th. Megan Bethlehem and Carm had a 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, and came away reserve champion. Kira Lord and Bella had a clear round. Melissa De Smit and Sasha had a clear round, 6th, and 5th. Desiree Smith and Midna had a 3rd. In the 2’3-2’6 division, Sabrina DeRoo and Pumpkin had a 5th. Madeline Pottruff and Sullivan had a clear round, 3rd, 4th, 1st, coming away reserve champion of the division. Sara Valvasori and Saphira had a 6th, 6th, and 2nd. Samantha Kean and Spartan had a clear round and a 6th. In the 2’9 division Taylor Smith and Carm had a 4th, 4th, and 3rd. Alicia Dickhout and Maia had a clear round, 6th, and 4th. In the leadline division Maddy Amann and Bella had a 2nd, 5th, and 6th, and were winners of the games class! On Saturday Marta Machado and Lola had some excellent rounds with ribbons at Palgrave. As always many thanks to all coaches, parents, horse holders, and the Hamilton Hunt show runners. It’s been an incredible year of growth, and teamwork. All of you should be very proud of yourselves, and get ready to train hard over the winter for next year!



September Hamilton Hunt Schooling Show

Another day of really excellent riding at the Hamilton Hunt Jumper show for the DME and MJM riders! In the 2’0 division Melissa De Smit and Sasha had three 6th placings and a clear round, Megan Bethlehem and Carm had a clear round, a 1st and a 4th, Kayla Bergman and Werona had a clear round, 4th and a 3rd, Kira Lord and Bella had a clear round and a 4th. In the 2’3-2’6 division Madeline Pottruff and Sullivan had a clear round, 2nd and a 5th, Sara Valvasori and Saphira had a clear round, 3rd, 3rd, and a 2nd bringing home Reserve Champion. In the 2’9 division Alicia Dickhout and Maia had a clear round and a 6th, Taylor Smith and Carm had a 6th, and Megan Smith and JoJo had a couple excellent rounds!

 Thanks for much to Daisy Kosa, Chelsey Overell and Glencora Mulgruefor coaching, parents and friends, and of course the lovely people at Hamilton Hunt for putting on such a great series! Looking forward to the final show in October!!


Hamilton Hunt August Schooling Show

Congratulations to everyone for another successful show weekend for Daisy Meadows and the MJM Show team! At Hamilton Hunt in the 2’0 division, Melissa and Sasha had two 4th, Desiree Smith and Midna had a clear round and two 5ths, Kayla Bergman and Werona had a 6th, Megan Bethlehem and Carm came home with three 1st’s and was champion of her division! In the 2’3-2’6 Sabrina

DeRoo and Pumpkin had 4th and a 5th. Sara Valvasori and Bella had a 4th, 2nd, and 4th, and Madeline Pottruff and Sullivan had a clear round, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, coming 

home reserve champion! In the 2’9 division, Alicia Dickhout and Maia had a 6th, 5th, and 6th, and Taylor Smithand Carm had three 4th’s. Over at Iron Horse Trillium show, Sarah Daisy Kosawith Explosif and Marta Machado with Lola both put in some excellent rounds. As always, thanks very much to all c


oaches, parents, horse holders, as well as Hamilton Hunt and Iron horse for putting on such wonderful shows!



August Caledon Dressage

Lots of ribbons for DME!

Last weekend marked the end of the Caledon dressage shows for the 2017 season! We had another great weekend, with Matthew Zinger and Raffe owned by Chris Horoyski placing 2nd, 5th, and two 8ths, with scores to 66.7% at 1st Level. Glencora Mulgrue and Fabina owned by Ann Marie Metford had two 3rds and a 4th with scores to 58% at 3rd Level. Wendy Altwasser and Feline had a wonderful weekend back in the show ring with scores to 57%. Stephanie Amann and Marshmallow were champions of the silver W/T division for the season coming away with four 1sts, and scores to 69%. Desiree Smith and Maia were also champions for the season in the silver Junior Training Level, and high point winners for the Thoroughbred incentive program with three 1st, a 3rd and scores to 68%. Daisy Kosa and Ex were champions of the Open Second Level with scores to 68%, and with Charlie owned by Kathy Rension, Champion in the Open Training Level with scores to 70%. Than

Daisy Kosa and Desiree Smith both in the middle of their tests

ks very much to Alicia Dickhout and Sara Valvasorifor grooming, parents, friends, and supporters for coming out and the Caledon show organizers for running such a wonderful set of shows! Already excited for next year!

July Caledon Dressage

Another excellent weekend of showing for DME at Caledon! Glencora Mulgrue and Fabina owned by Ann Marie Metford had a 3rd and 2nd with scores to 60% in third level. Desiree Smith And Maia cleaned up the junior training level reserve champion with two 1st and two 2nd and scores to 69%. Matthew Zinger and Raffi owned by Chris Horoyski placed 1st and 4th with scores to 68% in first level. Zinger and Rainier owned by Jackie Dravetz had an excellent first show winning 3 second level adult amateur classes. Stephanie Amann and Marshmallow had a great show with scores to 68% and reserve champion of walk/trot adult amateur. DaisyKosa and Explosief were champion in second level with scores to 75% and four 1sts. Daisy and Charlie owned by Katharine Renison were also champions in training level open with scores to 70% with three 1st and one 2nf. Massive thank you to Jackie and Warner Dravetz, Alicia Dickhout, Delphine Godden and Sara Valvasori for grooming, Ron and Tracy, Andrew Woodley and the whole Caledon team for running such a wonderful show! Can’t wait for August!


Hamilton Hunt July Schooling Show

Another excellent show at the second Hamilton Hunt Jumper show Sunday for the DME and MJM riders! In the Beginner W/T Maddy Amann received a 5th, 4th, and 7th. In the Beginner O/F Stephanie Amann had three 3rds and a clear round. In the 2’0 division Kayla Bergman and Werona came away with Reserve Champion with a 2nd, 1st, 3rd and 1st, Kira Lord and Jackson had a , 4th, 2nd and 5th, and Melissa De Smit and Sasha had two 3rds and a 4th. In the 2’3-2’6 division Sara Valvasori and Miribelle had a 5th, Chris Horoyski and Raffi had a couple of lovely rounds, Samantha Kean and Spartan had a 6th, Madeline Pottruff and Sullivan had a 3rd and a 5th. In the 2’9 division, Lauren Anne-Nicole and Sebastian had a 4th and a 5th, and Taylor Smith and Carm had a 2nd, 5th, and 3rd. Thank you to Sarah Daisy Kosa and Glencora Mulgrue for coaching, and riding. Excellent job to all riders and a big thank you to everyone who helped run another great show!  

June Caledon Dressage

Matthew Zinger and Raphael

Congratulations to all our DME riders showing this past weekend! Stephanie Amannshowed walk/trot adult amateur on Divine Miss M earning 3 first and 1 second placings with scores to 66% and was champion of her division. Jackie Morrison showed training level adult amateur on Don Carletto, owned by Katharine Renison, earning 4th 5th and 6th placings with scores to 66. Desiree Smith showed training level Junior on Majestic Jet earning two 1st and two 3rd placings with scores to 67%, and was Reserve Champion of her division as well as High Point thoroughbred. Matthew Zinger showed first level adult amateur


Stephanie Amann and The Divine Miss M

Glencora Mulgrue and Fabina

on Raphael owned by Chris Horoyski earning two 1st, and one 3rd placing with scores to 68%. Glencora Mulgrue showed third level open on Fabina owned by Ann Marie Metford earning 3rd and 4th placings with scores to 61%. Thank you to Ron Ballegeer and Tracy Smith for taking pictures. Thank you to Alicia Dickhout, Sara Valvasori for your grooming all weekend you did a fabulous job. Thank you to Patrick Kosa and Dan Allison for driving the rig when I couldn’t. It was a fun weekend and I’m very proud of you all. Thanks to Andrew Woodley and all the Caledon dressage team for your amazing work. See you in July!



Hamilton Hunt Jumper Schooling Show

Claire, Sam, Sara, and Maddy with their ribbons from the 2’3-2’6 division

Alicia and Maia in the 2’9 class

Melissa, Desiree, Megan, Kira, and Kayla with their ribbons from the 2’0 division

Huge congratulations to all DME and MJM riders yesterday at the first Hamilton Hunt jumper show! In the Intro to Jumpers, Steph Amann and Marshmallow had two 3rds and a 4th. In the Grasshopper division, Maddy and Bella had a 4th, 2nd, and a 1st. In the 2’0 division, Melissa De Smit and Sasha had a clear round, Kira and Bella had a 4th, Desiree and Midna had a 4th, 3rd, and 6th, Kayla and Werona had a 3rd, 2nd, and a 3rd finishing reserve champion and Megan Bethlehem and Carm had a 1st, 2nd and 5th finishing champion in the division. In the 2’3-2’6 division, Sam and Spartan had a couple of awesome rounds, Sabrina DeRoo and Pumpkin had a 4th, Madeline Pottruff and Sullivan had a 5th, 6th, Sara Valvasori and Miribelle had a 3rd and a 4th, and Claire Malseed and Amy had two 2nd’s taking home reserve champion. In the 2’9 division, Alicia Dickhout and Maia had a 5th, and Taylor Smith and Carm had three 6th’s to finish up the day. Fantastic job everyone, started the season with a bang! Big thank you to all the coaches, parents, helpers, and Hamilton Hunt for running such an efficient show! Looking forward to the next one!

Peter Storr Dressage Clinic and Meadowlarke Trillium

Thanks Ian Woodley for taking such great pictures, and Linda Rawlinson for hosting such an excellent clinic with Peter Storr. What a great learning opportunity for Matthew Zinger and Katie Anderson, you both rode very well. Also very proud of Marta Machado on Lola and Totu Beyler on Raffi for a successful day showing in the 1.0m at the Trillium show at Meadowlarke. A super weekend.

May 13/14- Rockton World Fair schooling show and Fox Run Stables Trillium Show

So proud of the Daisy Meadows Equestrian Team this weekend, what great teamwork and what an incredibly busy weekend. I can’t wait to get back to the barn and at the shows with you.

Glencora coached some of our team members at the Rockton Horse Show on Saturday. Desiree Smith on Midna, a four-year-old quarter horse mare, placed 5th in 2’3 open hunter over fences, 5th in 2’3 youth hunter over fences, 5th in 2’3 open jumper, 3rd in flag race and 5th in youth down and back  and 5th and beginner barrels. Alicia Dickhout on Majestic Jrt, 8 year old thoroughbred mare, placed 5th in 2’6 youth hunter over fences, 5th in 2’6 open hunter over fences and 5th in open hunter under saddle. Melissa De Smit on Sasha placed 8th in the 2″3 hunter, 2″3 jumpers and 2″6 hunters and 2″6 jumpers. Sabrina De Roo on Roxy, a 7 year old paint mare, had a fun time in their first show together. Stephanie Hoover also showed her lovely mare in the halter classes.

Sam, Chelsey, Megan, Laura, and Sara heading to the schooling ring

Saturday Kelly and  Madeline Pottruff ran a promotion for MJM Equestrian Center summer camp and lesson program at the green hawk in Burlington and did a fabulous job.

Thanks to Chelsey Overell for hosting several of our riders and horses at an off property school on Saturday at Hamilton Hunt and Brian Machado and Jemma Jones for providing transport.

Marta and Emily looking sharp at Fox Run’s trillium show!

Sunday, at the Trillium show at Fox Run Stables, Taylor Smith on Carmilla, a nine-year-old Belgian cross, and Jemma Jones on Sullivan, a 5 year old Percheron cross, competed in the 0.90m division, and Marta Machado on Lola, a six-year-old warmblood Mare, and Emily Robertson on Roswell, a 5 year old Rhinelander mare, competed in the 1.0 meter division. I’m very proud of your progress​,  particularly with these young horses being developed into the show ring. It was very hard for me not to be there, and I thank Don Brandel for stepping in to coach while I was away.

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