Lots of ribbons for DME!

Last weekend marked the end of the Caledon dressage shows for the 2017 season! We had another great weekend, with Matthew Zinger and Raffe owned by Chris Horoyski placing 2nd, 5th, and two 8ths, with scores to 66.7% at 1st Level. Glencora Mulgrue and Fabina owned by Ann Marie Metford had two 3rds and a 4th with scores to 58% at 3rd Level. Wendy Altwasser and Feline had a wonderful weekend back in the show ring with scores to 57%. Stephanie Amann and Marshmallow were champions of the silver W/T division for the season coming away with four 1sts, and scores to 69%. Desiree Smith and Maia were also champions for the season in the silver Junior Training Level, and high point winners for the Thoroughbred incentive program with three 1st, a 3rd and scores to 68%. Daisy Kosa and Ex were champions of the Open Second Level with scores to 68%, and with Charlie owned by Kathy Rension, Champion in the Open Training Level with scores to 70%. Than

Daisy Kosa and Desiree Smith both in the middle of their tests

ks very much to Alicia Dickhout and Sara Valvasorifor grooming, parents, friends, and supporters for coming out and the Caledon show organizers for running such a wonderful set of shows! Already excited for next year!