Prices below reflect services offered at MJM Equestrian Centre only. Off-property services available, price depending on mileage and number of riders, contact Daisy Kosa at (905) 745-4773 or for rates.



Individual Price Monthly Price
Private (1 rider) $40 + HST $160 + HST
Semi- Private (2 riders) $35 + HST $140 + HST
Group (3-6 riders) $30 + HST $120 + HST


Individual Price Monthly Price
Training Rides $30 + HST $360* + HST
Training + Lesson** Not Available $400** + HST


*Includes three training rides per week

** Includes two training rides and one private lesson per week


Please note that the prices for training do not include board or day stabling, for these additional services, contact MJM Equine

Rental fee of MJM riding school horse for use in a horse show or clinic (e.g., on property shows, off property shows at Hamilton hunt club, lesson with a coach that is not an instructor of MJM riding school such as Don Brandle, Daisy Kosa, Hyde Moffat) – $25

Day fee for coaching by Daisy at on property shows – $30

Day fee for coaching by Daisy at off property shows – $50