Sara and Werona warming up with Daisy

Horse(s): Miribelle, Werona

Discipline: Jumper, Dressage

Sara Valvasori has been been riding since September of 2009 and training with Daisy Kosa since January of 2010. She began riding Werona, a 1998 bay Hanoverian in late 2011 and with hard work were able to compete in combined training in the SOCTA series as well as jumper competitions up to 0.90 metres in the Trillium circuit. She has recently been training a young 2013 Canadian Sport horse named Miribelle owned by Tracy Blazek Smith. They are working towards entering the jumper and dressage rings this year. She is currently in school at McMaster University studying to be a nurse. Her future goals include continuing to advance her riding skills in order to meet competition goals, which include moving up divisions on the Trillium circuit, and eventually moving to the ‘A’ circuit.