Matthew and Tyrion warming up before a test

Horse(s): Raphael

Discipline: Dressage, Jumper

I started riding just 3 years ago in December of 2012, when Sarah Daisy Kosa graciously gave me the opportunity to become a working student. I have been riding with her ever since. The first horse I started part-boarding was Onyx, A Canadian Sport horse, he jumped and was an excellent dressage horse. After Onyx I rode a few various horses, however the horse I rode the most and fell in love with is Tyrion. Tyrion is what we call a hot horse. In 2014 Tyrion and I competed (in first level) at the western Ontario sliver dressage championships earning ourselves champion of the division, with scores to 68%. In 2015 Tyrion and I started showing in the gold circuit in third level, we were quite successful with scored to 70%. Unfortunately, Tyrion found a new home before the end of the season and thus, I no longer ride him. Currently I am part boarding a horse named Raffe until I finish my electrical apprenticeship and am able to afford to purchase one of my own. End game goals are to compete at the advanced levels in dressage.