Horse(s): Ed, Ares

Discipline: Dressage, Jumper,

Hi everyone, my name is Marija, and I got my start with horses just a short fifteen years ago. I ventured out to a ranch in a Milton for a trail ride and I haven’t looked back since. I would drag my father out there every weekend for trails and a few lessons in between. I started my journey by riding western and getting into some games such as poles, barrels, roping and sorting. Although I never received formal training I was having a blast and enjoying the sport. A few years later I began to experiment with English riding and, as luck would have it, I bumped into Daisy just as it was all beginning to unravel at the seams. Who ever thought that riding well would be so difficult?! With her help and encouragement from the team I began taking lessons. Our team is the reason we all do so well and the glue that holds it together is Daisy. Not only are we all friends at the barn but we make an effort to see each other outside of ring. We go to support our local shows, clinics and even the occasional restaurant. Without her organizing all the events we attend, we wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to witness the harmony between the amazing riders and horses we have met to date! Today I can proudly say I’ve owned three beautiful horses and have successfully shown in jumping, cross country and dressage. My love for the sport will never die and with the Daisy Meadows’ support I truly believe that the sky is the limit. I would have to say that’s my favourite part about riding, the true versatility of the sport. From the lazy Sunday trail ride to the top of the Grand Prix ring, there truly is something out there for everyone.