Maddy and Jazzy

Horse(s): Jazzy and Sullivan

Discipline: Jumper/dressage

Horses have been a huge part of my life and I how they always will be. I started taking riding lessons at 6 years old riding a little pony for about a year. When I was ten, I started riding again at Abizack Stables where I gained experience working with tough horses and even got to foster two horses of my own Gerty and Ginger. When I was 13, I started taking lessons at MJM and fell in love with a horse named Pixie and we immediately clicked. At the end of the summer I decided that I wanted to work with a horse of my own, So I decided to work with a mare named Jazzy. When I first started working with her we had already grown such an amazing bond in just a month. I trained her with the help of my amazing coaches and was able to ride her. She never bucked, reared or did anything wrong and always tries┬áto please. But, sadly she went lame and our training is on hold until she gets better. Since then, I have ridden and showed many different horses and just recently started part boarding Sullivan until Jazzy gets better. As I am only 15 I can’t wait to see my riding improve in the next years to come and the journey that comes along.