Alicia and Maia schooling at home

Horse(s): Miribelle

Discipline: Jumper, Dressage

My love for horses and riding started just over 7 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. This past year has been a bit of a struggle after losing the horse I rode and loved for three and a half years, Winston. We had multiple ups and downs but he taught me that hard work pays off and determination can get you anywhere and being on the team has only emphasized that for me.

I’ve just recently started lessoning with Daisy but I have been grooming for Daisy for a little over a year now and, being part of this team is an amazing experience. I love how everyone is accepting and how everyone supports eachother and their goals.

With Daisy’s coaching I have already improved immensely. She is constantly challenging me to become a better rider and every lesson I learn something new. I love how Daisy can teach every rider no matter their skill level and how she can adapt to however a rider needs to be taught.

My goal for this show season is to compete in the Hamilton Hunt jumper series and possibly a few Trillium with my horse Bella.