Competitive Team

  • Rider Name: Wendy Altwesser
  • Horse: Recipe for Roses (Feline)
  • Discipline: Dressage

I've always been in love with horses and can't remember any time in my life that I didn't want to ride. I started riding lessons when I was 12, but stopped 'temporarily' when I went to university and didn't resume riding again until 20 plus years later when my 8 year old wanted to learn to ride.  One lesson a week morphed into the purchase of the family pony, Recipe for Roses (aka Feline). Ten years later, Feline is still a big/major part of my life and with the excellent tutelage of DME, has been transformed from my daughter's  'large pony' hunter into my  L1/2 dressage pony.  We're looking forward to another show season this year with DME!

  • Rider Name: Katie Anderson
  • Horse: Indiana Jones (Indy)
  • Discipline: Dressage

I've been riding for 6 years, since the age of 12 and training under Sarah Daisy Kosa for 4 years. My parents bought me my first horse Indianna Jones in 2012. Since I bought Indy, my main focus has been on dressage. Under Daisy's tutelage, I have progressed from the early learning stages of riding up to competing in 3rd level and junior FEI competitions.

Indy and I have competed from 1st level to third, aiming for Prix Saint George in the 2016 show season. In 2013 Indy and I competed at the eastern Ontario silver dressage championships earning ourselves reserve champion. In the 2014-2015 show season Indy and I competed in third level with to scores of 60% in both silver and gold shows.

In the 2015 show season I also took another horse, Althea who was owned by Katharine Renison and trained by Daisy Kosa, to third level and FEI Junior classes, getting scores to 64%. Althea and I also attended the gold championships, earning ourselves eastern Ontario reserve champions for FEI Junior classes.

Currently I am looking for a new horse to take to FEI shows in the future. Hoping to one day compete in the young riders at the NAJYRC if possible, and to compete at the level of young rider Grand Prix.

  • Rider Name: Lauren Cheeseman
  • Horse: Mischief Managed (Lily)
  • Discipline: Jumper

Lauren is a long time member of Daisy Meadows Equestrian, and successfully competed the lovely OTTB Duncan in training level dressage and the jumper rings. Her current lovely prospect Lily, is sure to be a stunner in the show ring.
– written by Daisy Kosa

  • Rider Name: Melissa De Smit
  • Horse: Sascha
  • Discipline: Jumper

Melissa is a very hard worker, putting in many hours working at MJM Equestrian Centre. She is diligent in lessons, and rides her mare Sascha six days a week. I look forward to seeing Sascha and Melissa team up in the jumper ring this year.
– written by Daisy Kosa

  • Rider Name: Christine Horyski
  • Horse: Raphael
  • Discipline: Dressage

My passion for horses began early, and by age 4, she had already experienced her first broken bone from a fall off her pony. Undeterred, she continues to maintain a strong relationship with horses to this da . While balancing a demanding career and heavy travel schedule can be challenging, I continue to make time for horses. Currently, I am working with a young, gelding named Raffi who shows talent for dressage and a love of jumping. After a year of classical training with DME to develop solid groundwork Raffi and I plan to make their debut in the jumper ring in 2016.

  • Rider Name: Emily Cangiano
  • Horse: Pixie
  • Discipline: Jumper

When I was 8 years old I went to a horseback riding camp and have loved horses and riding ever since. I started taking lessons and I can still remember the first time I jumped. The sensation of horse and rider sailing through the air is without comparison. 10 years has passed and my love for riding has only grown. There is a real community of horseback riders. I've met so many great people and made so many friends that I cannot imagine my life without riding. Riding is more than just a sport, it's a way of life.

  • Rider Name: Emily Comeau
  • Horse: Rhea
  • Discipline: Jumper

Emily Comeau is a talented young rider, who has shown up to the 3ft height in the jumper ring. She is lucky enough to have the opportunity to ride Rhea who is a beautiful Oldenburg mare. Many thanks to Rhea's owner, your support is greatly appreciated.
– written by Daisy Kosa

  • Rider Name: Natalie Granatier
  • Horse: Prima Donna (Pixie)
  • Discipline: Dressage

Years riding: Since I was 5 years old. I took my very first lesson way back in the day in 1987 at what is now MJM.

Favorite thing about riding: Well, I have made so many lifelong friendships because of riding and had the opportunity to show in Canada, the USA and England. I was also very fortunate to be able to teach lessons for several years. Watching my students laugh, smile, and sometimes even shed a tear put a smile on my face beyond words. I have just returned to basic dressage training after a long break due to injury. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for myself and Pixie, and I love watching this mare learn just as much as I am. And above all, my most favorite thing about riding beside the freedom, joy and happiness it brings to everyone is the ability to be trained by one of the best coaches I have ever had in my life, and I have had several. Daisy is my inspiration, mentor, and drill sergeant. Without her guidance, and reassurance I honestly think I would have quit the sport for good.

Competition Record: I would love to be able to show Pixie this season in Bronze or Silver Walk/Trot, and in a couple of years Training Level tests.

  • Rider Name: Karliegh Heatley
  • Horse: Taxi
  • Discipline: Dressage

My name is Karliegh Heatley I'm 26 years old and have been in love with horses since as long as I can remember. I owned my first miniature pony at the age of four. As life happens growing up, college and work took priority until two years ago when I started volunteering at a local barn. It was at the barn that I fell in love with my heart horse taxi. Taxi is the reason that I was introduced to Daisy Meadow equestrian and I cannot say enough good things about the team and of course the wonderful coach. Daisy has been working with me for a few months now. In getting taxi broke and We have come so a far in such a short time. In the past year I also rescued and off the track thoroughbred and I'm planning on having my first showing season this year if all goes well.

  • Rider Name: Clarissa Hills
  • Horse: Nellie
  • Discipline: Dressage

I started riding in 2013 only taking one lesson a week. Within a few months I was riding multiple times a week, part boarding a horse and grooming for Daisy several times a week. Needless to say I was hooked and still am with no intentions of going anywhere. I love this sport because it requires a lot of dedication to both time in the saddle and time with your horse on the ground. The bond you form with your horse and how intelligent these majestic creatures are continues to fascinate me every day.

I will always be grateful for the time and effort Daisy puts in with every single one of her students to help them gain confidence and learn new skills riding. She has taught me everything I know and I am amazed at how far I have come in such a short time with her guidance. I look forward to the new skills and riding adventures we will have in the years to come.

  • Rider Name: Marija Lukovic
  • Horses: Ed, Aries
  • Discipline: Dressage

Hi everyone, My name is Marija, and I got my start with horses just a short fifteen years ago. I ventured out to a ranch in a Milton for a trail ride and I haven't looked back since. I would drag my father out there every weekend for trails and a few lessons in between. I started my journey by riding western and getting into some games such as poles, barrels, roping and sorting. Although I never received formal training I was having a blast and enjoying the sport. A few years later I began to experiment with English riding and, as luck would have it, I bumped into Daisy just as it was all beginning to unravel at the seams. Who ever thought that riding well would be so difficult?! With her help and encouragement from the team I began taking lessons. Our team is the reason we all do so well and the glue that holds it together is Daisy. Not only are we all friends at the barn but we make an effort to see each other outside of ring. We go to support our local shows, clinics and even the occasional restaurant. Without her organizing all the events we attend, we wouldn't have been given the opportunity to witness the harmony between the amazing riders and horses we have met to date! Today I can proudly say I've owned three beautiful horses and have successfully shown in jumping, cross country and dressage. My love for the sport will never die and with the Daisy Meadows' support I truly believe that the sky is the limit. I would have to say that's my favourite part about riding, the true versatility of the sport. From the lazy Sunday trail ride to the top of the Grand Prix ring, there truly is something out there for everyone.

  • Rider Name: Patrick Kosa
  • Discipline: Jumper

I have been riding since I was 10 years of age, and have shown extensively in the jumper ring. I am a riding instructor in the MJM Equestrian Centre Riding School. I take pride in teaching both beginners and advanced riders, and giving them their start in the jumper ring.

  • Rider Name: Jaclyn (Jackie) Morrison
  • Horse: Jacoba (Coby)
  • Discipline: Dressage

My parents had horses before I was born so they had me up with them before I could walk. I learned to ride matching father and son buckskin quarter horses Western. Most of my weekends were spent trail riding with Dad and his friends through the Dundas conservation area. Dad put me in English lessons when I was 5 so I could get a better seat. I started jumping very quickly and rode at Westover until I was 11. Due to divorce, did not ride in lessons again until I was 16 but, I still rode my Dad's 2 horses regularly through that time. I have ridden, Western, Hunter, Jumper, working cow horse (this was practical use at a feedlot. I had to train the new horses how to properly herd and separate cows), 5 gaited Tennessee walking horse for a few months to get him back into the show ring, and finally dressage. 

Favourite thing about riding: this is kind of two fold. The first is the immense bond you have with your horse and the horses you work with. They know the sound of your voice and how you always know where the itchy spot is. They make you feel better when you are sad, and frustrate you to no end when you need to get knocked down the humble tree a few limbs. The second answer is the people. Horse people are very intense when it comes to their sport. We speak in a language that may as well not be English, and non horse people have a short attention span about hearing it. We all bond over our joint love for the sport and our animals in a way that is not able to be done in many other sports. We have to trust not only our four legged partner with our life but the friends around us. We all take care of each other and look out for each other. 

Goals: be able to competently ride through a Grand Prix dressage test at some point in my lifetime. Right now, I would really like to get the tepis and the pirouettes down enough to get through a confident Fourth Level test within the next year. If my mare will let us go further, then yay. Plus get my Hunter Jumper seat back. My knees do not like short stirrups so this will take time. But hoping to show a big grey that belongs to a friend in the coming seasons both over fences and in the dressage ring.

  • Rider Name: Glencora Mulgrue
  • Horse: Fabina
  • Disciplines: Dressage, Jumper

I have been riding with Daisy since 2009, and have progressed from learning how to canter at that stage, to jumping 3ft courses and showing third level dressage. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to ride a beautiful hannoverian mare, Fabina, who has taught me a lot. I am head groom for Daisy Meadows Equestrian and a riding instructor with MJM Equestrian Centre Riding School. I look forward to a busy 2016 show season!

  • Rider Name: Amy Lappan
  • Horse: Sky's the Limit (Skyla)
  • Discipline: Dressage

Hi I am Amy Lappan, I am a Grade IV Para Equestrian. In 2014 Sky's the Limit (Skyla aka ponz... Or nay nay) competed in walk trot, we were Champions and res. Champions at Caledon Silver shows. We also were Res. Champions for the Ontario Western Division. I currently compete in Training level/gold, I ride my Sister's Mare It takes II (River) and my pony Sky's the Limit. River and I have placed up to second place in TOC classes against Open rider this year. Skyla and I have been working on frame and pace within our tests, she is improving for this level. Skyla and I have also shown interest in Jumper classes and shows.

  • Rider Name: Kaitlynn Lappan
  • Horse: Kirriemuir (Kirrie)
  • Discipline: Dressage

I am Kaitlynn Lappan, I am a grade IV Para Equestrian. My horse Kirriemuir and I have been showing in the training level division. In 2014 Kirrie and I won the Caledon Championships at Silver level. We competed at the Western Ontario Division Championships in Adult Open and Placed 4th over all.  In 2015 Kirrie and I have been successful in the ring with scores as high as 67.82 in Adult Amateur and some excellent placings. Kirrie and I are Quest for gold Athletes for 2015 as well. 

  • Rider Name: Kourtney Lappan
  • Horses: Bend It Like Beckham (Beckham) & It Takes II (River)
  • Discipline: Dressage

I am Kourteney Lappan, I am a Grade IV Para Equestrian. I show my horses Bend it like Beckham and It Takes II (River). River and I won the Jr Dressage circuit @ Angelstone in 2013, we also won a Silver medal at the Ontario Para Sport Games. She is currently showing in Level one and FEI Para Grade IV very successful. On board Beckham we've won all of the Caledon first level Championships and FEI PARA divisions in 2014. Beckham and I also were Res. Champions in Adult Amateur for the Ontario Western Division in 2014. Beckham and I also competed in Wellington Florida in FEI PARA the month of March 2015 winning 6 firsts and 2 seconds at Global. Beckham has been off since June and is currently just beginning to show again, last Monday we were very successful at a Cadora show securing our highest score to date in FEI PARA. Beckham and I have set a goal to be ranked as a team to represent Canada. My team, Beckham, River and I are Quest for Gold athletes for Ontario for 2015. We are also sponsored by Antares, OEF, Greenhawk, Blue Giant Solutions and HE &S farms Wolfe Island.

  • Rider Name: Marta Machado
  • Horse: Aloisia (Lola)
  • Disciplines: Jumper, Dressage

I started my riding career in western but quickly switched over to English when I became aware of jumping. I've been riding English for approximately 4 years after discovering jumping.  There is no better feeling than a horse sailing above the ground. Although I started off in the hunter ring, I learned very quickly that it was not for me. I then became introduced into the jumper ring and I realized that I had a need for speed. I have successfully competed on the Central West Trillium Circuit  (1.0 M Jumper Division) for the past 2 years with a horse that will always hold a special place in my heart. I always say don't let your dreams be dreams. It has always been a dream of mine to own a horse and that dream finally came true in December 2014 when my husband purchased Lola (Aloisia) for me. Thank you Daisy Kosa for finding me my newest partner in crime! I am super excited to now be part of the DME team and I am looking forward to learning and growing as a rider. 

  • Rider Name: Ann-Marie Metford
  • Horse: Fabina
  • Discipline: Dressage

Ann Marie is an adult amateur dressage rider, currently training at the Prix St George level on her mare Fabina. Ann Marie has generously offered Fabina to young riders to compete, and volunteers her time scribing at our schooling shows. DME greatly appreciates her support.
– written by Daisy Kosa

  • Rider Name: Erica Payne Hernandez
  • Horse: Adonis (A Romantic Gesture)
  • Discipline: Dressage

Erica is an adult amateur dressage rider with a beautiful Freisan gelding Adonis. Over several years, Erica and Adonis have developed a strong partnership, focusing on the fundamentals of dressage. Characterized best by their perseverance as a team, this combination shows considerable promise for the competition ring.
– written by Daisy Kosa

  • Rider Name: Emily Robertson
  • Horse: Roz (Roswell LF)
  • Disciplines: Jumper, Dressage

My name is Emily Robertson and I began riding when I was 6 years old, and immediately fell in love with horses and the sport.

I have been riding with Daisy Kosa at MJM Equestrian for almost 3 years and have definitely excelled in my riding skills. Daisy encouraged me to join the DME Show Team, and I show jumper, cross-country and dressage. Without Daisy's support and expertise, I would not have come this far. I am currently teaching my mare, Roz Liberty work. Being a member of this team is like being part of a great big, loving family. We all support one another, we have fun and we work hard together.

What I love most about horses is that they are always there for you to confide in, sense when you are scared, upset, and they love you unconditionally, love you for who you are and how you treat them, not how you look.

What horses have taught me is the importance of trust, hard work and responsibility.

  • Rider Name: Laura Shaver
  • Horse: Bravissima (Bella)
  • Discipline: Jumper

I've been around horses since I was nine but I didn't start riding seriously until I was sixteen. Bella my OTTB and I have been a team for the last 3 years. We started riding with DME in the summer of 2015. During our time with DME not only have I gotten better and more confident as a rider, Bella has also excelled in jumping and enjoys her job as a hunter/jumper and has become a more confident horse. We hope to begin showing seriously this 2016 season.

  • Rider Name: Desiree Smith
  • Horses: Roxy, Midna, Maya
  • Disciplines: Jumper, Dressage, Western

My name is Desiree Smith, I am 13 years old, I've been riding for 7 years. I've been back and forth between English and western within these 7 years. I very much enjoy being with the DME team, I have learned a lot and have gotten a lot of encouragement from others. I love the challenge, excitement, satisfaction and enjoyment riding can give us. I have been so proud of myself and my horses this past year because of how far we've come, it's an awesome feeling. I look forward to the future to see how far I can better my riding and I am very glad for all the support I have from all my friends and family.

  • Rider Name: Katharine Renison
  • Horse: Monty
  • Discipline: Dressage

Katharine Renison is an adult amateur dressage rider, with experience competing to third level. Her current mount Monty is a former jousting horse from Medieval Times. She plans to take Monty in competition on the Silver Dressage Circuit this year. Katharine Renison has also owned many advanced level dressage horse, on which her daughter, Daisy Kosa has competed, as well as other junior and young riders. Her support is greatly appreciated.
– written by Daisy Kosa

  • Rider Name: Taylor Smith
  • Horse: Carmilla
  • Discipline: Jumper

I've been riding for nearly 9 years now, 7 of which I rode western pleasure. Since I started riding with Daisy Meadows Equestrian in 2015 I can truthfully say that I've improved a tremendous amount. I hope to compete in the trillium circuit for the 2016 show season. Riding with DME is probably the best decision I've made in my riding career.

  • Rider Name: Sara Valvasori
  • Horse: Werona
  • Disciplines: Jumper, Dressage

My name is Sara Valvasori and I have been riding since September of 2009 and training with Daisy Kosa since January of 2010. I was given the opportunity to ride Werona, a 1998 bay Hanoverian in late 2011. We have come very far as a team, and accomplished more than I ever thought possible all thanks to Daisy. We have been able to compete in combined training in the SOCTA series as well as jumper competitions up to 0.90 metres in the Trillium circuit. I am currently in school at McMaster University studying to be a nurse. I hope to continue advancing my riding skills in order to meet my competition goals, which include moving up divisions on the Trillium circuit, and eventually moving to the ‘A' circuit. Daisy Meadows Equestrian has been fundamental in shaping me to the rider and person I am today, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

  • Rider Name: Matthew Zinger
  • Disciplines: Dressage, Jumper

I started riding just 3 years ago in December of 2012, when Sarah Daisy Kosa graciously gave me the opportunity to become a working student. I have been riding with her ever since. The first horse I started part-boarding was Onyx, A Canadian Sport horse, he jumped and was an excellent dressage horse. After Onyx I rode a few various horses, however the horse I rode the most and fell in love with is Tyrion. Tyrion is what we call a hot horse. In 2014 Tyrion and I competed (in first level) at the western Ontario sliver dressage championships earning ourselves champion of the division, with scores to 68%. In 2015 Tyrion and I started showing in the gold circuit in third level, we were quite successful with scored to 70%. Unfortunately, Tyrion found a new home before the end of the season and thus, I no longer ride him. Currently I'm looking for a new horse to part-board until I finish my electrical apprenticeship and am able to afford to purchase one of my own. End game goals are to compete at the advanced levels in dressage.