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Congratulations to the jumper team on their performance at the second Iron Horse jumper show. Marta Machado and Lola placed 6th, 6th and 8th, Matthew Zinger and Chris Horyski’s Raffi placed 5th and 8th in two classes, and Pixie ridden by Daisy Kosa placed 8th in one of her classes, with Laura Shaver and Bravissima leaving the rails up in every round (just some time faults) in their first show, in a 0.76m division of 23 horses. Looking forward to our next jumper team outing. Thank you to Colleen Shaver, Brian Machado, Glencora Mulgrue, Natalie Granatier, Jackie Morrison, and Wendy Altwasser for your help and support at the shows to our riders.

Getting excited for our March 20, 2016 show: http://kidneycarenetwork.ca/events.html Last year's promotional video. Event page and entry forms: http://www.mjmequestriancentre.com/PoniesAndPuppies.html

I've had a lot of people asking about our next schooling show date:

Our Ponies and Puppies CARE for Kidneys Show (Charity show for Kidney CARE Network International) will be March 20 2016: http://www.mjmequestriancentre.com/PoniesAndPuppies.html

We will also have Open House Schooling over jumper course on Sat. Jan. 10 and Feb. 21. Outside coaches welcome! $25 per horse to ship in and school over fully dressed course.

Sarah Daisy Kosa with Kim Robertson and Jackie Morrison. Had a wonderful show day today at MJM equ rian centre. We had our bigg turn out ever! Thank you so much to everyone who attended and all of our incredible volunteers. Special thanks to our judge Jackie Morrison and our horse show organizer Kim Robertson.

Jumper team update (long overdue)!: It has been an awesome couple of weekends with our jumper team. We attended a great clinic mid september at the beautiful sprucehaven farm, where Ashley Trott, Marta Marchado, and Taylor Smith rode with Siobhan O'Connor and learned a lot! Then we showed at the milton fair sept 26 with Emily Comeau riding thika, Emily Robertson riding Pixie, Marta Marchado riding Lola, Taylor Smith riding Carmilla, and I rode Althea, with several placings to go around even with the exciting fair grounds. Lastly, today, we competed at Highland Green in the horse trial, with Marta and Lola placing 8 in pre entry senior, Pixie and Emily robertson 10 in pre entry junior, and Althea winning pre entry senior. What a fun horse show!

Great work to all the girls from MJM riding school who showed at dry lake saddle club! Sounds like everyone did very well and had tons of fun!

Thank you to all who supported Kidney CARE at Palgrave! Was a great day and we raised $420 for research and education in chronic kidney disease!

Congratulations to Tyrion's new owner. So sad to see this horse go, but glad to see him go to such a great home.

Great day at the Old Orchard Farm schooling show. Highlights: Desiree Smith with Roxy got a third placing on a very well behaved Roxy in the cross rail equitation, Marta Machado got Lola through some baby mistakes to get her 3rd place in the 2ft3 jumper medal, and Sara Valvasori and Werona finished up the day with a 2nd in the 2ft9 jumper medal. Great work ladies :)

Spruce haven combined training results:

  • Way to Sara in her triumphant return to the show ring on Werona! 63% in dressage and a clean show jumping round
  • Congraulations to Emily Byrne and Matthew Zinger for their fantasticjob and the beautiful sophie who jumped beautifully and did a lovely dressage t
  • So proud of our new DME team member Desiree Smith on Roxy. Look at this little pony go! So pretty
  • Althea had a fun day! Her only complaint was that she did not get to gallop around the stadium course, an example of a half halt above :D jumped clean and fast
  • What a good baby! The beautiful Lola jumped a nice stadium round...scared of the stairs cross country, but was otherwise super!
  • Pixie was super brave and jumped everything like a pro! So much progress much credit to Emily for her hard work with this horse
  • Ashley what a great weekend! Fly was a total prostar

Wonderful day y erday at pink ribbon ride despite the rain! Glencora Mulgrue started the day off by winning third level t 1 with Fabina, with a score of 61% in her first show at this level. Danielle Marshall on Rainier placed fourth in her walk/trot t and Emily Byrne placed third in her walk/trot t with super scores, and did a lovely job in the show ring, for both riders their first dressage show! Katharine Renison had a lovely training level t on althea! Marta Machado had a great ride on Lola who was very brave, and even added some extra flying changes to her second training level t , with a consistent score of 59%. This was Lola's first off property adventure :) very thankful to Natalie and Clarissa for all their help - lots of fun and looking forward to spruce haven this weekend

On July 1, a volunteer calvary unit I am part of is participating in a display at Dundurn castle starting at 7 pm. There will be displays, demos and more from WW1 WW2 and 1812 reenactors! All are welcome it is a public event The calvary part of the demonstration is at 8:30pm :) but the displays etc start at 7pm Some of our MJM horses: Charlie, Winston, and Pirate will be participating, as well as DMEs wonderhorse Althea

Congratulations to all the DME team members this weekend: Kaitlynn Lappan on Kirriemuir was training level reserve champion (adult amateur) with scores to 61% (incredibly proud of her for riding a beautiful t after being kicked in the knee in the ingate by another horse), Amy Lappan on River was training level reserve champion (junior) with scores to 59%, Explosif was training level champion (open) with scores to 71%, Kourteney Lappan on Beckham rode exceptionally well despite challenges with scores to 57% in the FEI para team t , Katie Anderson on Althea with consistent placings (third in an open division-beat her coach) with scores to 60%, Stephany Vorkapic with consistent scores to 60% in her first show at third level, and Tyrion with much more relaxation in the ring this shows scoring 61% and some first placings. I can not thank our fabulous team of volunteers: Sara Valvasori, Natalie Granatier, Matthew Zinger, and Emily Robertson enough...you are incredible. Also fantastic support (and cooking) from DME family and friends. Looking forward to KLDA in two weeks!

Sarah Daisy Kosa and Gabby Rotsaert are now friends.

Great day y erday at the dry lake saddle club with kat riding bella, Natalie Granatier riding bella, Desiree Smith on maia, Alicia Dickhout riding Winston, Ashley Ashley Trott riding fly, emily Emily Robertson riding pizxie and Danielle Marshall riding rainier. Lots of fun and great results. Thanks to cora, sabrina, Claire, Kourtnney and Amy for coming to help, great coaching by pat :).

Congratulations to the DME team for their team work and results at the cornerstone farms dressage show this weekend. Highlights: My wonderful mom, Katharine Renison, on mother's day won both her walk/trot classes on althea with 65%, Kaitlynn Lappan on Kirrie had a high score of 67% on Kirriemuir and a 1st place in training level, Amy Lappan in her debut on River scored 64% in training level and had great placings all weekend, Explosif won his training level division open with scores to 73% despite warm up arena antics, Stephany Vorkapic won all of her first level classes on Asterella in their first show together with scores to 73%, Kourteney Lappan worked very hard in her para team t s and did me proud in the big ring aboard Beckham, Jackie Sasha in her first dressage show ever placed second in third level amateur with scores to 60% on Indianna Jones, Katie Anderson on Indianna Jones scored 57% at third level with third place, and second place on Althea with score of 60%, and Tyrion had some great moments in the ring with 2 first placings at third level with scores to 65%. Our grooms supporters and parents were incredible all weekend: Glencora Mulgrue, Matthew Zinger, Danielle Marshall, Emily Robertson not sure what we would have done without you!

Thank you so much to all those who volunteered and supported our Ponies and Puppies CARE for kidneys event y erday especially our sponsors ! We raised over 1000 dollars for Kidney CARE network international. It was great to have so many different barns attend, and we got very positive feedback on the event! Hoping to make it an annual event!

Come one, come all to our April 26 Puppies and Ponies Kidney CARE for Kidneys Show :) If anyone needs volunteer hours or just wants to help out with for a great cause I always need help :p Course set up is satuday at 1 pm April 25 (open schooling after if inter ed) https://www.facebook.com/events/454328138059634/

Sarah Daisy Kosa with Emily Robertson and 11 others. Hi all, I am a demonstration rider in a clinic this Saturday March 7 at the beautiful Holly Oaks Farms. The auditing price is $41.89 CAD Adult and $26.18 CAD Junior. I will be riding in the afternoon but the clinic runs all day. If you'd like to audit the registration is at (sign up ASAP if you are planning on going): https://www.picatic.com/tricountyclinic

Sarah Daisy Kosa added 2 new photos. Jumper schooling days hosted by Daisy Meadows Equ rian at MJM Equ rian Centre 1) Sunday, January 18, 2015, 2) Sunday, February 22, 2015, 3) Sunday, March 22, 2015. $ 25 a horse to school for an hour. Please email daisymeadowsequ rian@gmail.com, message Sarah Daisy Kosa on facebook, or text me at 905 745 4773. Course is set up from 9am - 4pm, booking 1 hour slots. Address 6095 Dickenson Road East Hamilton Ontario. Our schooling show is Sunday, April 26, 2015, so mark your calendar. See www.daisymeadowsequ rian.com for details Our venue is friendly for young horses and green riders to have fun and get some schooling opportunities.

Sarah Daisy Kosa shared Katie Anderson's photo. Was a great day at the horse show :) so much fun with everybody. Erica Payne-Hernandez had her showing debut with Adonis with great success, and the musical rides went great. As all always an incredible team of volunteers, thank you so much (Kim Robertson and Clarissa Hills did a spectacular job in office all day). Great potluck hosted by TOC. And congrats to all partipants!!!!!

Dressage Canada is hosting a fashion show and high tea Nov 24. You can buy tickets at https://licence.equinecanada.ca/dcfashion/index.aspx. I'm modelling in it to raise money for pan am games team. I will most likely trip and fall on my face for your entertainment! Please come out and support Canadian dressage.

Sarah Daisy Kosa with Faith Legault and 17 others. Thank you so much to all our volunteers and participants at our halloween show! Our next show is sunday December 14th. It will be a Christmas holiday themed show. We will be having all the same divisions as our show y erday, except in place of the costume class we will run a musical ride class! (2-4 riders per team). Details to follow.

I am incredibly proud of my student Clarissa Hills! She was awarded the Inaugural Penny Corcoran Memorial Award by Caledon Dressage. The award is by nomination, and selected by Lisa Wood and the Caledon Dressage board. It is given to "reward a person who has empathy for their horse(s), is kind and helpful to everyone at the shows and is seen to be a true horse person. " Congratulations again Clarissa. This is well deserved.

Congratulations to Matthew Zinger for being named 1st senior alternate to the dressage team representing Ontario at inter provincials. I'm very proud of you, your hard work has paid off.

August 16th 2014
Great day in London Dressage Association show. Kourtnney won first level test 2 with a 63, Steph came second in first level test 3 with a 66, Zinger came first in first level test 3 with 70. Great day today :)

August 6th 2014
Congratulations to Emily Robertson on Ridic for her 5th place in the speed class today, and to Emily Comeau for her second place finish in the Table A on Symbah (she would have won it if her coach wasn't directionally challenged). Great day in jumper land!

July 11th 2014
Jump painting / building is this saturday at 9am!!! Construction is beginning on our cross country course. We could use all the help we can get!
Also daisy is meeting with all those interested in volunteering for camp, this saturday at 9am for training.
We are also having a potluck dinner after jump building on the 12th at 337 Highway 52 at 7pm Saturday to which all are welcome. See you there!!!!

July 7th 2014
Congratulations to everyone for their success this weekend: Matthew Zinger was champion of walk/trot with Pixie, scores to 73 percent, Amy Lappan was reserve champion of walk/trot with scores to 64 percent, Kaitlynn Lappan was champion of first level with scores to 65 percent, Stephany Vorkapic was reserve champion of first level with scores to 63 percent, Kourteney Lappan was champion of para and first level with scores to 67 percent, Katie Anderson finished second in third level with scores to 58 percent, Matthew Zinger finished first in first level with scores to 68 percent on Tyrion, and Daisy finished first on Tyrion on sunday with a 75 percent. Also had amazing grooms, supporters, and horse show parents extraordinaire! Thank you Glencora Mulgrue, Clarissa Hills, Kim Robertson, John Robertson, Neil Anderson, Gina and Sasa Vorkapic , Dan Allison, Kevin and Michelle Lappan, Polina Pozdniakova, and Emily Robertson for helping out and supporting all the riders.

June 1st, 2014
A fabulous weekend at the Silver Caledon Dressage show with the DME team with many personal bests. Amy Lappan in her first silver show showed Sky's the Limit in Walk/trot with scores to 63 percent. Ashley Trott, also in her first show, showed Prima Donna, with scores to 66 percent. Kaitlin Lappan showed Kirrie Muir in training level with scores to 59 and placed to 2nd. Kourtnney Lappan showed Bend it like Beckham in first level with scores to 65 percent, reserve champion and placed to 1st. Matthew Zinger showed Tyrion in first level with scores to 65 percent, and placings to 2nd. Daisy Kosa showed Tyrion in first level with scores to 70 percent and placings to first. Thank you to our fabulous grooms, Emily Robertson, Glencora Mulgrue, and Clarissa Hills. Also thank you to our horse show parents who were absolutely incredible helping out and supporting the riders all weekend! Looking forward to seeing everyone out at the pink ribbon ride June 15th, and the next Caledon Dressage show July 4, 5, 6. If you aren't showing, you are more than welcome to come out and help!

May 16th, 2014
Hey everyone, This saturday, May the 17th, Daisy Meadows is hosting a fundraiser at Club 54 in Burlington, ON, in support of Relay for Life. 100% of ticket proceeds (10$ per person) will be going to this cause! Headlining at tomorrow's show is the ever hilarious Larry Smith! Come out and enjoy a night of comedy in support of a good cause!
Contact Daisy at daisymeadowsequestrian@gmail.com to get tickets!
Hope to see you all there!

May 11th, 2014
Hello, Sorry for the delay, our last show was a fantastic success !! Thanks so much to our fabulous volunteers, and sponsors including Bahr's, Greenhawk, Wellington's and the Lappan Family. We had a huge turn out, and everyone had a great time. We are now finished shows for this season, however we will begin again winter 2014, thanks again and we hope to see everyone out again!
This saturday, May the 17th, Daisy meadows is hosting a fundraising comedy club event at Club 54 in Burlington. Email daisymeadowsequestrian@gmail.com for ticket information.

April 11th, 2014
Hey guys!
Daisy Meadows is planning to host a Fundraising event the Club 54 Comedy Club in Burlington, Ontario. 100% of the ticket proceeds go towards the Daisy Meadows Relay for Life team, supporting cancer research!! The date is still TBA, however it will be posted in the next couple of days. Contact Daisy if you wish to help sell tickets! For more info, and updates Click Here !

March 29th, 2014
Hey everyone,
Yet another wonderful show over the weekend of the 16th, lovely day, with some great competitors! Hope to see you all back In April ! Show results for the first two shows will be up in the next few weeks. As for now, here are the photos from March's Show, thanks again to KayJay for coming out and shooting the show !
Album 1
Album 2
Album 3

March 11th, 2014
Great team meeting this past saturday! For all of you that couldn't make it, we went over the show schedule for this summer, our fundraising and clothing information and also sponsorship and promotional info. The schedule of shows we will be attending will be on the DME calendar(link on this home page), and there is also an information page for riders on the "Competitive Team" website page.
Teams clothing orders will be placed soon, so please let daisy know what you would like! We are also looking into getting black polo shirts embroidered for the team, more info to come.
DME will be filming a promotional video, for sponsorship opportunities, on April 26th and 27th in the afternoon. Dave Symons will be assisting with the filming !

February 20th, 2014
Reminder about the team meeting at Prosecco, located at 275 King St. E. in Hamilton, On. The meeting will take place on March 8th, at 6pm. We will be going over membership info and fundraiser plans. Family is welcome.

February 13th, 2014
Photos from the February 2nd Schooling Show.

February 3rd, 2014
Sending out a huge thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday to show and help out! It was another great day, even with the icy roads and frigid temperatures. Photo albums will be uploaded soon, as will show results. Thanks again to everyone who came out and made our second schooling show such a great success. Hope to see you all back in March!

February 1st, 2014
A big thanks to Petmax Pet Supply Warehouse for generously donating the year end awards for our show series! High point division champions and reserve champions will be awarded with a lovely, embroidered saddle pad. Thanks again Chuck, and the Petmax staff!
Check out Petmax online and in-store!

January 31st 2014
Team Update
The team meeting will take place on Saturday March the 8th, at 6pm. The meeting will be at Mario's restaurant, Prosecco, located at 275 King St. E. in Hamilton, On.
Hope to see everyone there !

January 24th 2014

Hey Everyone!
Our first show of 2014 is fast approaching! MJM and Daisy Meadows are excited for the second show in the Winter Schooling Series. Our first show in November had great turn out, and we hope to see everyone back in February! Check the Events to pre-register for the show, and also for class lists, waivers and entry forms !
We will be welcoming back KayJay photography to get shots of everyone, proofs are available on KayJay's Facebook page and orders can be placed through Facebook as well. KayJay Photography
There will be prizes for high-point of each division, prizes will be awarded at our last show in April.

January 17th 2014

Photos from the November 2013 Schooling Show ! Thanks KayJay!
Album 1
Album 2
Album 3

January 7th 2014
Hey everyone, we will be posting updates and news regarding Daisy, the competitive team, and our various horses for sale here. Check back for updates !